Dear Reader,

DEKRA has been thinking and operating sustainably in its role as an expert organization for 95 years. Safe use of technology and protecting people and the environment are in our DNA. Yet never before have sustainability and resource conservation had the global impact and scope as they have today. A sense of responsibility towards nature, people, society and the economy, as well as long-term sustainability with a view to future generations – these are the values by which successful companies are measured today on a global scale.

DEKRA initiated a change years ago that involved embedding the sustainable use of resources and responsible management as goals. Since 2017, DEKRA has been adhering to The Sustainability Code. We and our approximately 44,000 employees worldwide are improving step by step in our defined areas of focus: climate & environment, employees & society, supply & value-added chain, and management & governance. 

DEKRA aims to become a Sustainability Leader by 2025. In summer 2020, we took the strategic step to commit ourselves to the principles of the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability is therefore one of DEKRA's unshakable values.

With our Sustainability Strategy 2025, we are striving to further improve sustainability performance within our company and our value chains, as well as through our business relationships with our customers. We have set ourselves the goal of making major progress in key areas by 2025. They include: carbon footprint, renewable energy, employee engagement and training, diversity, occupational safety, social commitment, partnerships, sustainability in the supply chain, and sustainability-related services and solutions.

A concrete aspect of sustainable change at DEKRA is the interlinking of key issues such as digitalization and sustainability. We apply digital processes wherever resources can be conserved and collaboration improved – through paperless, agile and virtual collaboration, for example, but also in our sustainability reporting, such as our primarily digital 2019/20 Sustainability Magazine.

In this report, we have set forth our specific sustainability goals, our strategy, latest developments and progress, as well as some examples of what we do. We are delighted to be able to take you with us on our journey towards sustainability with this report.

Stefan Kölbl
Chairman of the Management Board

Clemens Klinke
Member of the Management Board

Wolfgang Linsenmaier
Member of the Management Board

Ivo Rauh
Member of the Management Board