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As a modern employer, we also attach great importance to issues such as work-life balance, diversity, and employee development. Diversity and equal opportunities are important values for us. That is particularly true in view of the different backgrounds of our employees, such as in terms of international origins, interculturalism, gender, age groups, or training histories. In an increasingly globalized, connected and disruptive market environment, these diverse perspectives also help us to offer our customers innovative solutions and expert services to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We therefore do not permit any form of discrimination or disadvantage based on gender, age, ethnic origin, skin color, homeland, social background, nationality, religious or political beliefs, or sexual orientation. Over 100 nationalities are represented in total within our company. Inclusion is also a key concern for us. Our Disability Representatives, for example, foster the integration of disabled people into the organization, advocate for their interests, and provide advice and assistance. We also foster diversity and internationalism in our management team. We aim to increase the proportion of female managers in our general management team (Level 1 to Level 3) by more than 15 percent by 2025.



to diversity


Since May 2020, the DEKRA Academy has also been a signatory to the "Charta der Vielfalt" Diversity Charter, fostering diversity in the world of work. As a responsible education and training provider, we respond to the individual support needs of our customers. Our educational and training programs address the diversity of all people, regardless of sex and gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, or sexual orientation and identity. We believe in unprejudiced, open-minded co-existence, showing respect to everyone. We underscored that belief by signing up to the Diversity Charter. The DEKRA Arbeit group had previously signed the charter.


Amandine Monvoisin

Diversity & Inclusion Manager
Region South West Europe

Amandine Monvoisin's role is to foster the vital issues of diversity and inclusion.