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Neutrality, integrity, reliability, and our global commitment to engage only in "clean" business, are core principles for DEKRA worldwide. With the DEKRA Compliance Guidelines, we have established a globally binding set of rules and standards that require all DEKRA employees to conduct themselves in compliance with the law and the applicable regulations. Our managers must embody authenticity and credibility, and be role models in their adherence to our compliance principles. We have established a compliance whistleblower system in order to monitor and counteract violations of our guidelines. Our employees are all ambassadors for DEKRA. They undergo regular compliance training, with a special focus on potential risk groups, to ensure that they are well-informed and aware of all relevant issues, and are obligated to ensure that our excellent reputation is maintained, and safety is guaranteed.

Our "DEKRA International Onboarding Program" ensures that new managers quickly familiarize themselves with DEKRA's code of conduct. Compliance also plays a crucial role in the selection of our partners and the businesses we look to acquire. A company that does not operate according to the laws and regulations is culturally incompatible with us. Only companies that permanently adopt our compliance principles can join the DEKRA Group.



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Chief Compliance Officer Ulrich Rothfuchs has been working at DEKRA since 2006 to ensure that all management and staff of the international Group embody the attributes of neutrality, integrity and reliability in everything they do, worldwide. Together with his team of around 50 DEKRA legal experts, he imparts the values for which the company stands to managers and employees at all global DEKRA locations, including by means of targeted leadership coaching and communication consulting. Our modern training concept communicates a sustainable corporate culture based on integrity and values on a global level.


Ulrich Rothfuchs

Executive Vice President
Legal, Compliance
& Data Protection

Corporate Function Legal,
Compliance & Data Protection