Clear rules
and processes

Our culture-focused and values-centric sustainability management approach is based on a framework that incorporates individual standards, guidelines and processes. For example, the DEKRA Environmental and Energy Guidelines and the associated environmental management system stipulate how energy and resource efficiency is to be ensured, monitored and improved. The DEKRA Social Standards are binding as a means of aligning DEKRA with the ILO core labor standards, as well as in relation to issues such as diversity, equal opportunities, discrimination and disadvantage, freedom of association, co-determination, and respect for general human rights. The Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines and the associated internal management system regulate topics relating to the ongoing enhancement of employees' health and safety. The DEKRA Compliance Guidelines bindingly stipulate the responsible, reliable, ethical, and legally compliant conduct of all DEKRA managers and employees. Sustainability standards and processes in procurement and the supply chain are integrated into our Global Procurement. Internal risk management and in-house audits routinely monitor compliance with the relevant standard and processes.



Verena Zambotti

Regional Lead Counsel
Region Central East Europe
& Middle East

Verena Zambotti has the role of imparting the values integrity, compliance and sustainability for the DEKRA Region Central East Europe & Middle East.